Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm wigging out...

I will use this less and less for pervert-picture-posting and more like a private on-line journal so this will disappear from your eyes soon I reckon'...

I still haven't booked my flight to Canada yet.
After talking about doing it for 3 years, I'm finally moving in March/April.
Fair play to my mates for tolerating listening to me talk about it for so long.
My visa came through yesterday so I'm pretty chuffed to say the least.

I've just turned 23 and have been working in music for 5 years.
I've had enough basically.

Currently in London for a week or so.
I slept in on Saturday morning and woke up at 7am - my flight was already in the air at that time. Dang.
Cost me 100 bills for a flight the next day. That was scheduled to leave at 8am and wouldn't you know it, I awoke at 7am. If I hadn't have online checked-in then I would have missed two flights in a 24 hours.
What the fuck is wrong with me sometimes?

I've only smoked like 6 ciggies in 5 days or something.
My body aches from doing too many stomach crunches the past month.
I've been hitting on one of my best friend's (Nikki) a lot lately.
She has been with her boy about 2 years or something and lives with him but none of this seems to have any relevance with me.
Does this make me a little shit?
I'm only doing it because she is indulging in it and is very much reciprocating.

I'm through with caring at this stage.