Monday, February 11, 2008


Too busy...
No more time for blogging...
I bid thee farewell...


jack said...

Is this because you have bagged yourself a certain lady? She better be worth it brother.
Guess we'll just have to slag Chris off on emails instead now.

jack said...

In fact, reply to my email now you douche! I'm not on the laptop for much longer so stop jerking off and reply to it!

red said...


(is that the reaction you were looking for?)

So you're going all electrelane on us? I can only hope it's for reasons suggested by jack.

You still pop by other blogs in the meantime though and keep giving me musical recommendations right?

Anonymous said...

:( Too busy? You're too busy to post once a day? This saddens me. Surely you're not busy enough for a 5 minute post? Bye Pedro, you made me laugh a lot.

The Major said...

What the fuck Pedro ? you're joking, right.
seriously you're not evn in the awards shortlist. It means your blog's actually good.

red said...

Oh, I'm in the awards shortlist. Am I to infer I'm not good? Just wait til I get home...

no use for a name said...

this is gay. i hope the hiatus doesn't lasty to long. most of the other blogs write the same shit and its borin. i agree wit major, not bein nominated is actually better.

Pedro said...

Jack - Get Bent. You're convinced I am going to run off with her. No way josé. ;) And I replied to your email you grumpy shit.

Red - Fuck Electrelane. They were miserable shits. I am pleasant. :)

Anon - Time is money. Spending 5 minutes posting a gratuitous entry would cost me, jeez I don't even want to think about how much money I would lose. ALOT. :p

Major - You are officially the coolest and funniest blogger. By a mile.

Red - No domestics on the blog. :)

No Use - Cheers for the kinds words.

Michael said...

Is your life as a fabulous yellow roman candle over then? Jeez and I was only picking up the courage to start commenting! Farewell thee!

Michael said...

Circle. Square. Triangle. is henceforth to be remembered as “The test icicles of blogging”

I Prefer The Obscure Remix said...

Ah Pedro, why you leaving us?
I'd say you were the testicles of blogging, rather than the Test Icicles myself, but I'll still miss your venting if you go.
Jack, he hasn't bagged himself a certain lady, he's being difficult!
Have you bagged a certain lady Pedro?
You holding out on me?

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