Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I just bought the following from the mighty Road Records...
The best purchases I have acquired in a fucking long time...
Sinnbus Records and Tomlab have got to be the finest labels around...!

Various Artists:
Puppy Love - 10 Years of Tomlab
Tomlab Records

David Shrigley:
Worried Noodles
Tomlab Records

Ter Haar
Ter Haar 10"
Sinnbus Records


Luke said...

Tomlab is my favourite record label. i have never heard of sinnbus though

Matt Vinyl said...

I love Dave & Julie. And I love Dylan and his white Asics runners. Road Records are great

Pedro said...

luke - Get on-board with Sinnbus. Best label around because Ter Haar is signed to them and they are awesome!

Matt - Totally dude. Dave & Julie are the shit. Long live Road Records.

shane said...

oh i love tomlab. that worried noodles compilation is amazing. also amazing is their alphabet series.
nice one.

online essay editor said...

they made only hi-quality music!! most lovelt label ever!! so cool

online essays for free said...

this label make only and ONLY great stuff!! got some of them compilations, all of them are freaky cool