Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cheer it on!

Tokyo Police Club should be bigger than what they already are.
Okay, so they have only released one EP so far (a damn fine EP too called A Lesson In Crime) - but still!
If there was any justice in the world (or Ireland) then TPC would be headlining Croker, instead of aging assholes like Sting and his buddies.
Okay, slight exaggeration there, TPC would be awful in Croker.
Anyone who was lucky enough to see them in The Hub on Friday July 6th (it was a great way to spend the night before Oxegen) would back me up by saying that the gig was one of the best the dingy Hub has ever seen.
Take away the fact that there were some dodgy chics who were pissed and falling over the bands equipment, then the night would have been perfect.
Their debut album is out in early 2008 (late January/early February) and hopefully it will the see the Toronto natives be name-checked as one of the bands for the future.
I already have monies down on them for winning the Polaris next year and I haven't even heard the record.
Nothing I can say on this post will do them justice - so just head off to their myspace and listen for yourself:
When you're standing in TOKYO POLICE CLUB!!!
If you're into studio sessions then check out these four songs (available for DL too) recorded for the Day Trotter Sessions. Super front-man Dave gives a brief description of each track too.
Free MP3s!!!


Chris said...

You're actually blogging?!?!
I'm guessing your next post will be about Interpol?
I know you too well Pedro!

The Dining Dead said...

Hardy Har.
No chance Christoph - I will post about the 'Pol closer to the live date.