Friday, October 19, 2007


The Goddess that is Floria Sigismondi is back in action.
She is currently working on her first feature film. The awesome Sigismondi (love that name!) is both writing and directing this film, which is a coming of age story based on the '70s all girl rock n roll band, the Runaways.

Fans of her photography & music videos will be salivating just thinking about how unreal the cinematography will be in the movie. For art-direction, she is second to none.

Some of the most innovative music videos of the past few years have had the Sigismondi touch on them:

"Beautiful People" - Marilyn Manson
"Broken Boy Soldier" - The Raconteurs
"Hurt" - Christina Aguilera
"Red Flag" - Billy Talent
"Supermassive Black Hole" - Muse
"O' Sailor" - Fiona Apple
"Blue Orchid" - The White Stripes
"The End of The World" - The Cure
"Talk Shows on Mute" - Incubus
"Megalomaniac" - Incubus
"Fighter" - Christina Aguilera
"Obstacle 1" - Interpol
"Untitled 1 (Vaka)" - Sigur Rós

Click here for Floria's incredible website.
You can also find a short film she wrote and directed called Postmortem Bliss here.

And as if it wasn't already obvious: I am going to sign off with my favourite video from the master herself.
Surprise-Surpise, it's...


Chris said...


You fucking legend Pedro. Floria Sigismondi rules.
A movie to look forward to in 08.


Anonymous said...

"Surprise-Surpise, it's..."

Hahaha. Good ol' predictable Pedro with his (borderline scary) obsession with the 'Pol.

I Prefer The Obscure Remix said...

How did i guess it'd be Obstacle 1.
Pedro, you gotta keep us guessing dude.
Shame you're not going to see them in December, i'm very touched you've decided to come to my birthday party instead though.

Q said...

Dude. Seriously.

I was lucky enough to catch her show at the museum of contemporary Canadian art a few years back. It was fucking brilliant ; a collection of art, photographs and her videos. She was there too talking about her work. She is stunning in person. Stunning.

This is great news that she’s making a film.

My personal favourite video is In My Secret Life. Two great Canadian artists.

The Dining Dead said...

Anonymous - You know my blog is going to become ridiculously predictable. I'm just going to post about Interpol, TPC, Sossamon, Glassjaw & Emanuel (one of the best albums released this year was by these guys!)

Obscure - I know man. Sacrificing Interpol @ the RDS to sing Happy Birthday. Depressing.

Q - Ha! Dude, you're the Canadian version of me man.

Q said...

for serious. we're like the giant and the old waiter in twin peaks. or something.

thesis writing service said...

Pedro, you're the HERO!! Hero of our time! we ove you, dude