Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Le future is bright...

Every so often I will post about an act who turn out to be so fucking good, that they deserve a post to be solely written about them.
Without further ado, may I introduce to you: Le Loup

This band will instantly remind you of Sufjan Stevens (early Sufjan, way before the American college students tore the fucker apart). Their debut record is intricate, delicate and incredibly beautiful. The ambience of the keyboards (and possibly laptop if one is being used) compliment the soothing & melodic sound of the crispy banjo.

For an album like this to appear so late in the year (and a debut no less) is quite astounding.

You have the Seattle based label: Hardly Art to thank for bringing us this record.
For more information on this beautiful and exciting new record label, go to here

P.S. The following is an extract from a blog featured on the Hardly Art Myspace:

"Jonathan Poneman, founder of Sub Pop Records, has started a new Seattle-based label called Hardly Art. Building on the tradition of many other record labels, Hardly Art will indeed be focused on offering quality records for people to enjoy. Releases will be distributed nationally by both Sub Pop Records and ADA, and its offices will be based in the same building as Sub Pop. The label will be run by Sarah Moody, who previously worked in the publicity department at Sub Pop, and Nick Heliotis."

Le Loup is:

Sam Simkoff – Banjo, Keyboards, Vox
Christian Ervin – Computer, Guitar
Mike Ferguson – Guitar, Amp, Vox
Nicole Keenan – Keyboards, French Horn, Vox
Dan Ryan – Bass, Percussion, Vox
Robert Sahm – Drums, Percussion, Vox
May Tabol – Guitar, Vox
Jim Thomson – Guitar, Amp, Vox

"The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly" is out on November 16th.

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