Friday, October 19, 2007

Just a fan.

Let's all just pretend for a couple of minutes that I am not in love with Shannyn Sossamon.
Just put that thought to the back of your mind until you're finished reading this post.

I know I have only spoken about them but fuck!
The band she is in (Warpaint) are fucking brilliant.
There is only two songs up on the Myspace site right now (they have the best url address too!) - but I assure you that the others don't disappoint.
I suspect great things will come of them given their incredible talents.
A friend of mine saw a gig of theirs in the Summer in New York and said they were unreal live.

Check them out and see past the fact that Shannyn is in the band (there is three other members after all. Jesus)...

I'll end the post with another picture of Shannyn.



Bren said...

Not too shabby at all.

Chris said...

This is brilliant, I already know what you're going to post before you do! :p

Tokyo Police Club. Interpol. Shannyn Sossamon.

Anybody who knows Pedro will know that the above are his obsessions.
I guarantee about 6 more Shannyn posts by the end of the weekend! Someone has obviously been watching "Wristcutters" & "The Rules of Attraction" lately, eh?


The Dining Dead said...

I watched The Rules of Attraction the other night on DVD and it was on TV last night on E4 - So yeah, Shannyn was on the mind Christoph.

I'll have to calm it on the Shannyn front though dude - to the untrained eye (i.e. people who don't know me), this blog could look rather creepy.

Guess what the next post will be about and you'll win a prize.

Chris said...

That depends on when you write the next blog Pedro. If you write it tomorrow then it will be you complaining about the football and how Liverpool are fucks.
If you write it tonight then it'll be about a heavy band.
My guess is Brand New!


The Dining Dead said...

Haha - close dooode!

They're releasing an EP soon actually with their best song ever included on it (remember the Untitled Demos which got leaked last year, Untitled 05 is going to get A FUCKING RELEASE!!!!!).

You'll kick yourself for not guessing my next post!


Chris said...


Just post it already. Your quota should be no less than 5 posts a day Pedro.
Sort your shit out pal and save me from boredom by writing some over-indulgent nonsense I have had to put up from you for about 10 years now!!!