Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Good Ol' Days...

Courtesy of mine & Jacks embarrassing girl-like conversation in the post below...
Well I just had to make this post.
We reminisced about Phantom Planet and that kick-ass song they had out years ago called California...
You remember it, the one that the OC raped until it lost it's beautiful appeal.

Our collective movie knowledge got the better of us and that's how we landed up here..
Frontman Alex Greenwald starred as the school bully in Donnie Darko...
And ex-drummer Jason Schwartzman was the protagonist in Wes Anderson's Rushmore and is also one of the star's in his new movie: The Darjeeling Limited.

Shiiiit, this song brings back memories of Phantom FM back in the day and how they used to play it every Sunday night, right before the Two Pete's Talk Rubbish!


I want to post the live version they did of it on Letterman too.
Just for Jason Schwartzman's performance on drums alone.
How many drugs had he taken before he did this?
Totally awesome!


Jack said...


Two seconds after us talking about this, she appears.
You're a rockstar brother and a total legend for this post alone.

Schwartzman is the king.
Look at him man. Crazy bastard.

Pedro said...

Yerrrrr dooode.
Schwartzman is the shit.
He's giving it total fucking socks son.

I remember seeing this video for the first time when I was doing my leaving cert.
Zane Lowe had a show called Brand New and he premiered this video on it.
I recorded it onto VHS and watched it over and over again.
It totally brings back memories of that final summer before heading to college.
Such a fucking fun song.


Liz said...

Oh my God. I used to love this song.
You two are the biggest music geeks.
You're both hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This song is on repeat now you little shit.
It's so catchy.

jack said...

I think I was still in London when this song came out.
It's too easy to play on guitar, I have mastered it now.
Whenever we get to gig together, we're definitely pulling this cover out of the bag.

Pedro said...

Liz - This blog is for music geeks, fans of all things cult-related (Shannyn Sossamon, Christian Bale etc) and perverts really. ;)

Anon - Hell Yeah. Keep that fucker playing. It is awesome.

Jack - Are you thinking what I'm thinking....?
Phantom Planet cover band....?