Saturday, November 24, 2007

Suuucks man!

There is no where good to skate in this city.
The skate parks are shit and the roads treacherous.
If it's not the dodgy cobble-stones then it is the GardaĆ­ being dicks.

Anyway, for those of you who skate - you should go out and buy Pretty Girls Make Graves three albums.
The perfect music to listen to when you are out on your board.

Probably the best band Matador Records has ever signed (yes, even better than the God's themselves - Interpol)!
Unfortunately, they split about a year ago.
I think they actually only ever played here once.
There was about 30 of us watching them in a tent in Oxegen back in 2006.
Fucking amazing set by one of the truly best bands of my generation.
Named after The Smiths song of the same name (which itself was named after a quote from Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums)

If you have no interest in what I have just said, then I implore you to:
Buy Pretty Girls Make Graves' three albums.
Stick them on your ipod (or something similar).
Buy a skateboard.
Then come back and thank me.

Pretty Girls Make Graves


Anonymous said...

Pretty Girls Make Graves?
Interpol [again!!!]?

Sometimes I don't know if you are an indie kid or an emo kid Pedro.


Jack said...

Hahahahahahahah @ the anonymous post!!!

Sometimes I actually wonder about that too Pete. But you always date art student chicks and not emo ones so I'm guessing (and kinda hoping) that you prefer the indie stuff. ;)

Fuck Dublin. Plenty of places to skateboard in downtown Toronto brother (not that you didn't already know that).

Pedro said...

Anon - Heh. What I would call Indie, other people would call Emo. I don't understand how a lot of bands get pegged with that shitty label. Glassjaw, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Alexisonfire etc etc ARE NOT EMO!!! It's a pathetic term. Acts like Dashboard Confessional, Jimmy Eat World & The Get Up Kids is what I would call Emo.

Jack - Dooode, art-student chicks is something I am desperately trying to break away from. They've got too many issues. Perhaps that is where I am going wrong, I should really be after the emo girls! :D

jack said...

None of those bands is emo. They're all post hardcore man. No doubt. ;p
Fuck the haters!
Let them be pretentious with the latest indie/schmindie douche bag music.
We'll keep it real.

10 bucks says your next girl will be a fucking photographer!


Anonymous said...

Your one of the few blogs I have come across who hasn't posted about the nialler9 Go! Team blog.
Pedro you're like the outsider blogger.
Are you even based in Ireland or Canada?

Pedro said...

Jack - Hehe "douche!
You North-American Scum (I'm allowed to say that because James Murphy wrote it) use that word waaaay too much.
YES, I'll take that bet (and your money)...

Anon - I'm what you would call delusional. Irish born & bred, but am obsessed with all things Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Well keep writing about the delusional stuff then. It's different and I like that.

jack said...


Listened to the first Pretty Girls Make Graves record tonight. Forgot how good they were.

Pedro said...

You will laugh your fucking ass off when I tell you what I was listening to tonight son.
It's like 5am here and I couldn't sleep so I went out with my board along the canal, listening to.....
.......Phantom Planet!!!
You remember that California song from ages ago? Awesome tune man (before the OC raped it that is).

jack said...

No way bro, I saw "The Darjeeling Limited" the other day and Jason Schwartzman is in it man. He's the ex drummer from Phantom Planet. He was the dude from Rushmore.
I loved that song. Bit of a guilty pleasure but fuck, it's pretty sweet.

Pedro said...

The only reason I broke it out was because I watched Donnie Darko as I hadn't seen it in ages, and the bully in the school is the frontman of Phantom Planet - Alex Greenwald.

5am talking about Phantom Planet.
What went wrong, eh dooode?