Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The weird & the wonderful...

Following on from the theme of gothic-folk, here lies an immortal, psychic-folk artist (if there is such a thing)!
It's a little too late for a Halloween related post, but fuck - this girl can't go un-noticed.
Her name is Nora Keyes and she is a little bit eccentric (to say the least).
Unsigned & with a very acquired taste, to be honest, I don't think I have heard anything quite like her before.

I don't even know how to describe her songs.

If you can imagine living back in the 17th century, in a secluded village surrounded by forgotten woodlands.
And these woodlands are apparently habited by a witch.
A witch who likes to sing and play music to an army of ghosts, if you think along those lines then you'd be on some-sort of path toward understanding what she sounds like.

As the singer of LA neo-new wave goth-punk band the Centimeters, Nora Keyes’ vocal style ranged from Casio-cute to downright vampiric. But on her elaborately titled solo record, Songs to Cry by for the End of the Golden Age of Nothing, Keyes’ freaky-deaky delivery sincerely creeps the fuck out of you, for lack of nicer language. Cackling like a witch or purring like the ghost of a dead little girl stuck in some musty, Victorian-era purgatory, she renders decrepit vaudeville tunes over a droning pump organ accompaniment. The sinister, spooky quality of these instrumentals suggests rotting homes and shadowy nightmares, and her haunting lyrics and gloomy, sepia-toned melodies give the impression that if punk had never happened, she would have been destined to become the eccentric madwoman who never leaves the big, dark house on the corner

I really shouldn't like this, but I can't help it.
She is ridiculously unique, and I like that in my music.

Check out a couple of her songs on her myspace profile.
I must warn you that the cackling on the song Small Apart is terrifically eerie.



Liz said...

I love your blog.
You feature the weirdest music around.
Everyone posts about the same indie bands, but you post about some freaky stuff.
I love it!

Anonymous said...

Very unusual.
It really does remind me of a witch lost in a forest somewhere alright.

Pedro said...

Don't wait for bands and music to be shoved down your throat by radio, magazines and ESPECIALLY blogs...Go out and find it yourself.

Got to gigs, listen to your friends, seek out those unsigned bands and support them.

If you have any tips, send 'em on my way.


jack said...


Hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!

Never a more honest word has been spoken.

You're a legend P.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog.
But I like your name better. Is it taken from the Test Icicles song?

Pedro said...

Why thank you Jack.

Anon - It suuuuuure is. I fucking loved that band. Not too keen on Dev's solo stuff. Rory's band are shit (ridiculously shit) and Sam has just vanished back to Portland.
Kind've sad because I have that down as one of the best things Domino Records has ever released.

Anonymous said...

I loved that song too. The video with the pink and green smoke was cool. And then everyone turned into zombies. You know, you're actually right, I sure do miss Test Icicles now that I think about it.