Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's just fun. Plain & Simple...

I can't get enough of The Ghost Frequency right now.
Throughout the Summer, their single "Nightmare" was one of the most listened to songs on my ipod.
And if any of you were paying attention, a certain Irish Journalist was playing the single on his show a very long time ago!!!

I don't want to go into a long & terribly boring explanation of where they came from, how long they've been a band et cetera et cetera, it's the music that matters.
And these tunes are great.
Zombie/Electro/Rockabilly/Dance - it's all here and I fucking love it.

Singles "Nightmare" and "Never Before Have I Seen A Man Alive That Looks So Exactly Like A Skeleton" will have you dancing like a motherfucker.
Reminds me of the legendary Test Icicles.

Some of the band's sites:
Their Blog!!! and their Myspace!!!

The video to the amazing single Nightmare:

And here is the brand new video to the current single Never Before Have I Seen....:

Here's a demo song for you to download too Ghost Frequency - Money on the Fire

Seeing as TGF remind me of the super-duper Test Icicles and seeing as this blog is named after their cracking single, download it if you haven't already: Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle

See any similarities between this video & the last Ghost Frequency one...?


Anonymous said...

I saw the Nightmare video on MTV2 and thought it was brilliant but I never got a chance to see who the band was. They're good, I likes them.

Pedro said...

Such an awesome band. I was OBSESSED with Test Icicles (still one of my favourite debut albums of all time). I am not a fan of Domino Records at all, but they will forever have a place in my heart after signing one of the best bands to come out of the UK in years.

But the Ghost Frequency deserve their own plaudits, fantastic little band.


Leepe said...

They have ripped off Test Icicles.

jack said...

That tune Nightmare is sweet as pie.

Anonymous said...

no they didn't they made their own video. TI ripped of a whole film genre, no one owns it... anyhow The Ghost Frequency vid looks great, regardless!