Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When you have no taste...

Yours truly has recently met a ridiculously hot girl...
After our first date, we established that she doesn't really know too much about music.
She name-checked (God love her), fucking Kings of Leon as one of her favourite bands.
As you can tell, this is actually quite serious.

It's terrifically cliché but I have got to make her a mixed CD.
I mean, I feel sorry for her. Nobody should have to list KOL as one of their favourite bands.
I don't know how many songs will suffice - so all of your collective knowledge & expertise will be much appreciated for this.
If you make mixed CDs for friends/lovers/potential partners quite frequently, then let me know what songs you use.
The songs must be fairly recent. Let's say 5 years or thereabouts...

Oh, remember that this is a mixed CD for someone with little knowledge of music or bands...
So don't get it confused with being a mixed "I love you" CD.
Which unfortunately means that Marvin Gaye can't grace the tracklisting.

I'm thinking (so far):

Adele - Hometown Glory
Animal Collective - Fireworks
Arcade Fire - My Body is a Cage
Beirut - In The Mausoluem
Bloc Party - She's Hearing Voices
Broken Social Scene - It's All Gonna Break
City & Colour - Serravalle
Cocorosie - Werewolf
Death From Above 1979 - Pull Out
El Ten Eleven - Sorry About Your Irony
Elliott Smith - New Disaster
Hauschka - Paddington
Hot Hot Heat - Talk to Me, Dance with Me
Incubus - Are You In?
Interpol - (Fuck that, Interpol deserve an entire CD full of their best songs on its own)
Jamie T - Here's Ya Getaway
Joanna Newsom - En Gallop

This is much more difficult than I imagined - we (yes, that's right. We're all in this together now) have only made it to the letter J so far and already we've clocked up about 20 bands.
It'll have to be split into 2/3 parts.

Break out the vinyl collection and get thinking.


Anonymous said...

I like how you think, she needs our help.
Kings of Leon are shit.
Would she appreciate Aphex Twin?
By the looks of your tracklisting, you want to go easy on her.

jack said...

That's bullshit!
Marvin should be on every single mixed CD ever.
Whether it's an I hate you CD, a break-up CD, or even a funeral CD, Marvin rules.

More importantly, who is this girl?
Details Pedro, you dog.

Pedro said...

No no no - let's just stay far far away from Aphex.
Not her cup of tea at all.
More guitar based stuff I think.

Jack, dooode - Marvin owns like a motherfucker, but this has to be stuff she hasn't heard before. New stuff (as I said, last 5 years or thereabouts).

chris said...

You probably have more knowledge about music than all of us combined, so you should be able to deal with this yo'self fool!

Anonymous said...

Tut tut, Aphex should be on there as much as Mr. Gaye should.
Even though Broken Social Scene is on there, Kevin Drew should be on it too. His album is beautiful.

Pedro said...

You're always great at helping out with Chris.

Anon - Kevin Drew is definitely going in there. Canadians will totally own the CD. I'm stuck on which Drew song to choose: It's a toss between Safety Bricks or Gang Bang Suicide...


jack said...

Choose Saftey Bricks. I love that song.

Most girls I know who have no interest in music seem to love Sigur Ros + Radiohead.
Throw her some of their freaky shit.

Anonymous said...

I would pick tbtf. Very clever lyrics and a great chorus.

Pedro said...

Can't get into Radiohead at all.
Too miserable.

It's so fucking shameful to admit, but I am totally digging Adele - Hometown Glory. Cracking tune (even though I was slagging her off and saying how shit she was a couple of months ago).
Shows what I know, eh?


jack said...

Never even heard of her. Is she new?

I think Pull Out should be removed from the tracklisting. That song is dirrrrrrrty and filthy and hot and BRILLIANT, but shouldn't be included. What will she think when she hear's Sebastien sing:
"Push it in, push it in, push it in!
Pull out! Pull out! Pull out! Pull out!"
Etc etc etc.

That's a no-go area Pedro.

Pedro said...

Nah, not really "new"...

Like her debut is out at the start of Feb here next year, so in that sense then yeah, she is kinda new. But everyone has known about her for a few months now.

Doode, I fucking love that song. Every so often, you want a band to come along and tell it like it is. None of the mushy stuff, DFA just came out with a song about fucking like an animal. Awesome.

red said...

You could stick on some 'pretty' Aphex, like Nannou 2- that would cover jack's suggestion of sigur ros/ radioheadesque stuff. I agree with anon, if this girl has no clue you have to go easy on her now and chuck on some mainstreamy indie stuff so as not to frighten her away.

Jim Dubh said...

I am with the first Anon and Red in terms of strategy. You gotta go easy mate. Don't spook her!

Either that or may I suggest "Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck" by The Blood Brothers? :-)

Dave said...

Okay, I'm bored, so here's some more of the alphabet for you - all great songs (well I think so anyway...) and I'm sure this lass will like you all the more for pointing them in her direction...
J is for Jaga Jazzist - Stardust hotel
(also see the Jimmy cake - my brass buttons, or Joan as Police woman - Christobel)

K is for Kerbdog - Sorry for the record
(or the kings of convenience, Know-how)

L is for Low - California
(or Lemon Jelly - experiment no 6)

M is for Madeleine Peyroux - Between the bars (Elliott smith ciover)
or mansun - soundtrack 4 2 lovers
or massive attack - live with me
or Mew - apocalypso

N is for Nick Drake - Riverman.
(No alternative to that - one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.)

O is for Outkast - she lives in my lap

P is for Pavement - cream of gold
or pj harvey - when under ether
or the postal service - clark gable

Q is for Queens of the stone age - Go with the flow. (or hangin' tree)

R is for radiohead - Meeting in the aisle
or rory gallagher - I'm not awake yet
or anything by rodrigo y gabriela

S is for Scott matthews - elusive
or simian - La breeze

T is for television - marquee moon
or Tori Amos - Black swan

U is for UNKLE - lonely soul

V is for Viva Voce - Alive with pleasure

W is for Why? Crushed bones

Chuck in yo la tengo Little eyes and Summer's cauldron by XTC - sorted.

That's one long mixtape!

red said...

Clearly I also have too much time on my hands- here's my 'go-easy-on-her' end of the alphabet (minus any hiphop or dancy stuff cause I don't know where you stand on that)

K- like Dave I'm going for Kings of Convenience but 'I don't know what I can save you from' (Royskopp remix)

L- Los Campesinos 'You, Me, Dancing' or if you really like her Looper 'Impossible Things #2'

M- Magnetic Fields, Mogwai or Midlake 'Roscoe'

N- If it's Nick Drake it has to be 'Hazy Jane no. 2' but otherwise The National 'Start a War'

P- Palace 'Come In' or more recently anything by Pinback

R- Not really an R but it features Roisin Murphy, Handsome Boy Modelling School 'The Truth'

S- Silver Jews 'Random Rules' or something by Sufjan

T- Tom Waits (my alphabet is an iTunes one)

W- Wolf Parade 'You Are A Runner..'

and again, agreeing with Dave,

Y- Yo La Tengo

So that was my tuppence, even if you didn't ask for it. I thought you might need a girl's imput

Pedro said...

Jim - Hahaha, I love the Blood Brothers. Another great band who called it a day. :(

Dave & Red - Some awesome choices there. This is becoming a little too difficult now. So many bands and so little space on a blank CDR.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am going to give a list from A to Z. Not bothered about doing work today so here we go:

A) Arcade Fire - In The Backseat

B) Blonde Redhead - 23

C) Crystal Castles - Air War

D) Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip - Beat That My Heart Skipped

E) Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - I Could Be an Angle

F) Final Fantasy - If I Were a Carp

G) Grizzly Bear - Knife

H) Handsome Boy Modelling School - Sunshine

I) Interpol - Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

J) Joanna Newsom - Peach Plum Pear

K) The Knife - Heartbeat

L) The Libertines - What Katie Did

M) MIA - Bamboo Banger

N) The National - Karen

O) Our Brother The Native - Catalpa

P) PJ Harvey - Big Exit

Q) QOTSA - In the Fade

R) The Russian Futurists - Let's Get Ready to Crumble

S) Soulwax - E Talking

T) Tom Vek - I Ain't Saying Goodbye

U) Uh Huh Her - I See Red

V) The Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon

W) We Are Scientists - Mucho Mas

X) Xiu Xiu - Saint Pedro Glue Stick

Y) Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy

Z) Zoot Woman - Grey Day

I was getting desperate towards the end so some of my choices were fairly awful.

red said...

You will get back to us with your final tracklisting, won't you?
Until then I'm going to check out the tracks I don't know from Dave and anon's lists.

Nice blog btw.

graveyard shift shane said...

Every mix-tape needs The Shangri-La's. I'd plump for 'I can never go home anymore'