Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bits and Pieces...

Jim Dubh, where the hell is your blog? Who else can I find who's an El Ten Eleven fan...? Update me bro...

Sunset Rubdown is playing Crawdaddy in May. Spencer Krug - You are a legend...

My mate Chris is paranoid that his ferociously hot girlfriend is cheating on him. So he has hired an investigator to check out the situation. Jack & myself find this fucking hilarious.
1. Chris is only 23.
2. He hasn't even been with her that long.
3. Most of us think she's a cunt.
4. Chris is a little too sensitive and insecure.
5. It's bloody funny as hell though.

I have stumbled across a couple of blogs that entertain me to no end. One is called College Call Girl, which you really don't need any explanations on what it's about. The other is from a cute little Irish American girl called Baby Sinead. Mostly about sex, music, photography, alcohol, porn, art, her cat - it's very witty and funny (and Sinead is hot).

I have tried to switch from drinking Guinness to JD & Coke but it's just not happening...

Last night I came home fairly late (about 3am) and learned So Real by Jeff Buckley on guitar. Someone mentioned over on Jim's blog about Jeff being overrated. Gah - totally disagree.

I get ID'd for cigarettes every single day now. There's no way I look younger than 18.

I have discovered nice little parts of Dublin which I actually don't mind.

The amount of spam I receive is getting into silly figures. The latest one to amuse me is from a Billie Vanessa, with the subject of the email being the quite genius "blonde toying pussiy about five"...They spelt everything correct apart from pussy?!?! The email itself obviously contained a link, but just above the link was this: "Hello, cutie loves cock." Hahahah, brilliant!

Some fucker nearly ran me over yesterday. I was on my skateboard crossing the road and he sped up to try and nick me. He had gold jewellery and a burberry cap on though, so I kept the obscenities to a minimum in case him and his mates brought me onto the northside to take my kneecaps. Knackers.

The girl who I was going to make a mixed CD for all of those many moons ago rejected my ass like a motherfucker. I can't even go and get a coffee in the place she works part-time now because it's too fucking embarrassing. I really liked the coffee from there too.

I'm hungry and in need of a coffee, a cigarette and The Guardian Newspaper.


nialler9 said...

I sub the coke for ginger ale. Less sugar. Might have to switch from JD to Southern Comfort / Powers or Jameson though!

jack said...

We talked some sense into Chris, the delusional fuck. He is going to take her out to the west coast and spend a weekend with her in Vancouver instead. He is a little creepy sometimes.

Anonymous said...

college call girl is one of the funniest blogs I have ever read. Thank you fore the tip.

Chris said...

You cunt!

Eoin said...

I'd sell you cigarettes Pete, but i'd draw the line at serving you a drink.

Pedro said...

Nialler - So I should be drinking Ginger Ale & Jameson? Jesus, no no no nonnononononon.

Jack - Haha, does Chris know you come on here and take the mick.

Anon - It's the shit, isn't it. Filthy as fuck and totally dry at the same time.

Chris - Here dude, I only know about this shit because Jack tells me all of the time. And nobody over here knows who you are so I am allowed to post this funny shit on my blog.

Eoin - I don't indulge in either anymore so it's quite alright there Eoin.

aoife mc said...

Hey Pedro
I can second Nialler9 on the notion that Jameson is actually thirst quenchingly delish with a bit of ginger ale. It seems wrong, I know, but try it, and thou shalt see. Promise.
Seriously. Try it.
Sweet blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

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