Thursday, January 24, 2008

Do things come in 3's...?

Is that really true?
If one good thing happens, does it have a domino effect and a couple more good'uns come rolling?
Because if it is truly legit then I cannot fookin' wait to see what nombre trois will be...

1. Glassjaw live in Tripod May 12th 2008...
One of my favourite bands of all time who I sing about non-stop will be here in May...
You need to see this band live, it'll be insane.
Back as a 4-piece with a new album to boot.
Daryl Palumbo is a GOD and stands shoulder to shoulder alongside some of my fave people ever.
Lyrically, he has mastered his craft, but the way he emphasizes the tone of every single syllable is incredible.
This should be down as the number 1 show for you to see in an already packed-full-of-awesome-gigs this May!

2. It's been almost a year to the day the last time I saw this girl. She came over for the best gig of 2007 (Brand New in Tripod) where we got to hang out with our hero Jesse Lacey and I will get to see her again soon (pretty much exactly one year on).
I was in love with this girl for the best part of 2 whole years so I am pretty excited at the prospect of seeing her again.
Nikki has turned into a professional journalist now though...
So I'll have to keep my trap shut and not get too drunk around her...
Nikki is allowed two pictures to be posted of her because I have never met a prettier girl in my life (yup, she is more attractive than Shannyn Sossamon which I'll admit right now)...

So what can number 3 be?
Havant & Waterloo beating Liverpool in the FA Cup?
Gerrard getting stretchered off with a broken leg?
Mourinho becoming the next Ireland manager?
Ireland winning the 6 Nations?
All of the really shit bands in the world dying?
Finding lots of money and being able to afford new music equipment?
Chris Morris becoming my best friend?
Spending a week in Montauk for free?
Canada only being a 30 minute journey away?
Dylan Moran taking up a residency in my living room?

Endless possibilities.


jack said...

Jesus it's Nikki. I remember you were crazy about the chic for years. What time does Liverpool kick off? If it's early then I am going to have to hit Blue's for about 7am to catch it live because I'm leaving Edmonton tonight and should be back in T-Town for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

holy shit do u have a num for this girl? hot!!

GIAN said...

Dylan Moran residency would be pretty amazing. I am watching a lot of Stewart Lee at the minute. He is funny too.

red said...

That's it Pedro, wear your heart on your sleeve, it should win her over eventually.