Thursday, January 31, 2008

There's actually awards for doing this?

I'll level with you, I don't follow this blog malarky much.
Probably because I don't understand how so many blogs are popular considering the proprietor just cuts & pastes stories they have seen on the internet into their own blog. Not very original. However, I was happy to see a bunch of my favourite people get nominated for awards...

French Major who creeped in through the back-door because he is shacked up with an Irish lass....sneaky French fucker. ;)

Red (French's missus) who got nominated for lots. This pleases me as I get a lot of laughs from her blog (even when I am not supposed to).

Obscure Remix got nominated for a few too. His music taste (and knowledge) is second to none. He combines good tunes with dry humour, it's just a shame he's a shit drummer.

James Carroll is da-man when it comes to exchanging rumours & spreading gossip. I've said it a million times before but who would have thought someone from Tipperary would have gotten this far in life?

Nialler being nominated shouldn't really surprise anyone. He is a national landmark on t'internet. I can't wait for the next time he has to do visuals at a Nokia sponsored event.

Also, a lot of you seem to think that this is a music blog.
It initially was intended to be a blog of musical treats, but that idea deteriorated quite rapidly.
Now whenever I recommend an artist/act/band, it is usually because there is a girl in it who I think is hot.
So don't come here looking for music, you'll only be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

You've been nominated for a few yourself. Although I am guessing you are too cool for school when it comes to the awards. That isn't supposed to sound patronising by the way, I actually think it is cool.

red said...

You are supposed to laugh I tell you. It baffles me when certain people take me seriously.
You were a music blog when I put you in my music blogroll I guess I'll have to move you around...

Jim Carroll said...

who would have thought someone from Tipperary would have gotten this far in life?

Cheeky little bollox!

The Major said...

Congrats on the many nominations and thanks for your nice comments.
Please, go get my award when they call me up.

I Prefer The Obscure Remix said...

A shite drummer? That's possibly the nicest things you've ever said about me Pedro. You're going soft dude!